Service Orientation

At Maven we recognise that developing a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for your business has to be carefully aligned to clear business objectives. SOA is very much at the heart of contemporary IT; we work with SOA technologies and apply SOA design principles to the projects we work on.  So we can help you develop a SOA approach that fits to your environment and business.


We have used SOA to develop many business solutions, for example, by service enabling Enterprise Information Systems (EIS) they can:

  • Expose business functionality for orchestration in business processes
  • Provide data and functionality to Portal applications
  • Participate in master data management (MDM) solutions
  • Resolve data integration and application interoperability challenges

SOA and BPM are strongly linked disciplines. Services provide the building blocks from which to construct a business process.  A business process can orchestrate many unrelated services. Ultimately services and process and be surfaced in an organisation in a Portal. Taking a service oriented approach to developing an architected solution allows us to build an agile system that can flex as business requirements develop.