Services to Higher Education

Universities and colleges face the challenge of accelerating technological change – this is where we can help. Maven provides expertise in organisational and technological change for Higher Education in the UK. Sample client activities include:

  • Strategy review and development
  • IT architecture - moving to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Higher Education
  • Business process discovery and modelling
  • Technology selection, from solution conception through Request for Proposal/Tender (RFP/RFT) and technical evaluation
  • Development and Deployment support

If you are thinking about a major change then we have the expertise to help… but we can also help with solutions to specific problems at any level. Typical areas we support include:

  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • Student Lifecycle from Applicant to Alumnus
  • Business process discovery and efficiency improvement
  • Data quality and integration

Maven's assistance enables institutions to successfully integrate commercial solutions like Blackboard Academic Suite for e-learning with Student Record Systems (SRS, for example Tribal SITS) and back office applications like SAP. This work is performed within a SOA exploiting middleware technology such as an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

We help senior decision makers within HE develop strategy and architecture. This allows universities to renovate IT infrastructure so achieving improvements and efficiencies.

Example HE Project at City University London

Some details of an example Maven project for City University London can be found in this case study - it also highlights some of our business process and technology expertise.