SOA Governance


In broad terms governance describes the activity of applying plans, policies, procedures and similar formally defined and ratified articles to the operations of a business to ensure objectives are correctly achieved.

SOA Governance is specifically focused on applying controls to the artefacts that constitute the SOA environment. It must address people, processes and technologies in the service development life cycle.

In particular, SOA governance must provide a means to manage the many artefacts that are produced and versioned in an SOA project (for example, XML schema documents, Web Service definitions).

Selection of a product to support the Governance effort quickly becomes critical as a repository of information builds.

Because of the close relationship between SOA and BPM, SOA Governance can be extended to incorporate BPM related artefacts as well.

Maven work with you to develop a suitable SOA Governance strategy that can address areas such as:

  • Service/Process Life Cycle
  • Achieving Agility – business and technical
  • Security
  • Compliance – to IT strategy, regulatory requirements and such like
  • Education – confirming formal education plans are in place where required (for example to train business users in the usage of a new or changed business process)
  • Communications - ensuring people know about the changes introduced by an SOA or BPM initiative